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2017 Tokyo marathon on Sunday to start running shots, running shoes brands have also launched a variety of limited shoes add to the fun, a look at the Tokyo marathon running shoes limited edition.
as a running brand sponsor of the Tokyo marathon, in fact, only Asics shoes can be called Tokyo marathon Limited (official authorization), the other is more suitable for Tokyo limited. Compared with last year's purple color limited edition, this year's orange red is more gentle.


price: 19980 yen As one of the top
Kayano Asics running shoes, every year will not miss is designed into a variety of limited edition opportunity. Asics's three running shoes put all kinds of elements in Tokyo directly on shoes, making shoes look very fancy.
Asics DynaFlyte TOKYO

price: 17820 yen In
2016, the new DynaFlyte also made two rounds of the Tokyo marathon. DynaFlyte TOKYO designed a very beautiful stamp in the periphery in the bottom of the shoe, more concise, in the shoe inside have a lot of details of printing design, compared to Kayano, DynaFlyte is more suitable for the design of the runner low-key love. Love Changxin runners can also take this opportunity to try the Asics FlyteFoam model in the bottom of the foot. Asics TARTHER JAPAN TOKYO

price: 20520 yen
TARTHER Japan is the old shoe of tiger walking series, which has been launched when tiger walks 30th anniversary. It is a pair of standard marathon running shoes. Among the running friends, the Nissan tiger goes, most of which is said to be the pair. Compared to K23 produced in China and DynaFlyte produced in Vietnam, the TARTHER Japan sold in Japan is the most expensive.



Wuhan marathon will be held in April this year, and many professional runners and amateur runners are eager to try. Recently, a "Hummer" for the Wuhan guy to run an ideal result, regardless of the cold winter evening, often in Hankou in practice, simply put the whole hot coat off, half naked running. No, there was a sudden pneumothorax in the running, and then it was sent to the hospital.

, a 25 year old Dundee (pseudonym) family, lived in Poyang street in Wuhan. He enjoyed running from college, and there were several professional running shoes and sportswear. After participating in the work in order to continue running, Dundee joined the popular night run family ranks home from work every day after dinner, put on a "night" equipment to run 5 kilometers in Hankou.

learned that Wuhan was going to hold the marathon next year. Dundee was so excited that it was not easy to name it in the weekly newspaper. On Saturday evening in Hankou, Dundee started the first run for "horse". Because the marathon is 42 kilometers and 195 meters, even though the half distance is far beyond the usual running distance of Dundee, in order to run the ideal result in the competition, he decides to increase the distance of running.
increased the amount of exercise sharply, Dundee was very tired when he ran to 6 kilometers away. He was sweating a lot. He felt more and more hot and dry. He simply took off his jacket and ran half naked. At the beginning of the cold wind, Dundee felt very refreshed. After a few minutes, he felt a sharp pain in his chest. At first, he thought he was over the limit. He dressed and walked home with pain. Unexpectedly, after Dundee returned home, the pain in the chest not only did not relieve, but more violent, the family quickly drove him to the Wuhan Center Hospital.

was examined and Dundee was diagnosed as a spontaneous pneumothorax. A minimally invasive surgery was performed by the doctor for the successful resection of the bullous bulla through a thoracoscope. At present, Dundee has recovered well.
Chen Baojun, director of
Department of thoracic surgery, introduced that pneumothorax is a frequent occurrence in winter. Most of the patients are elderly with chronic lung disease, and those with slender teen age are also the majority of pneumothorax.

Chen Baojun reminded, in preparation for the marathon, ordinary people should pay special attention to their sports enthusiasts tall body if appeared in the movement of chest pain and breathing difficulties and severe cough or excessive force, to guard against spontaneous pneumothorax, timely treatment, so as not to delay treatment. (people's network)

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