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recently, Fat Joe in IG drying out ahead of his feet Air Jordan 7 "Pantone" photos, very proud. Air Jordan 7 "Pantone" will be officially released on 29 th this month, priced at $190. As a once expensive shoe, it can be said to be very reasonable at a very reasonable price. Are you ready to buy? APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience! Running equipment recommendation in the rain: the first choice of waterproof and skidding material, pay attention to the heating details.

recently, the country ushered in a wide range of rainfall, especially heavy rain in Beijing today, almost let the capital city of paralysis, flooding, congestion, cooling, people complain incessantly. Many people talk on the Internet: in Beijing, there is a car that is not happy, you have to have a boat! But small, I want to say, these are not important, just give me a pair of running shoes, I can run a way.

in this rainy season, for runners who run everyday and do not want to stay on treadmills, it is very important to know some knowledge about running and equipment. Those that are around 5K from work can also be changed, walking or running is a good choice, and is absolutely no slower than a car.

rain weather, rain, will affect the running of vision, the eyes will also affect the running into the mood. A top hat, to a certain extent the rain stopped by rain weather it can also play a function of rain.


and similar hat, glasses are also used to prevent rainwater into the eyes, then choose glasses, the best choice is closed, when necessary, with a kind of goggles. Compared to the hat, the advantage of the closed glasses is that the rainwater can be completely cut off, and it is suggested that the glasses have one.


running on rainy days can prepare a quick dry T-shirt. This is not to keep runners away from rain, but to keep you dry after the run and avoid danger of temperature loss.

if the waterproof requirement is high, a portable raincoat can be set out. Depending on the rainfall and weather conditions, it is very high for the water proofing level. It is a good choice to prepare a charge jacket with a GTX fabric.


rain running shorts, comfortable and fast drying is very important. If the waterproof requirements are high, you can also choose special fabric shorts. If the weather is too cold, you can first wear a pair of pants, depending on the circumstances, you can choose 7 points. Short pants, Lining, Nike, Adidas and other high-end series of running shorts are good, compressed pants, you can try to NIKE POWER SPEED.

running shoes
Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 has good waterproof performance.
rainy day running, your shoes should have a waterproof, anti slip function, keep dry water foot long time is very important, not only affect the mood, but also damage to the feet. On the choice of shoes, it can be inclined to waterproof functional fabric running shoes. The level is from splashing water to isolated water, for example, GTX vamp is ideal for water and air separation.

antiskid aspect, small editor recommends Vibram shoe sole, this Italy famous rubber product >

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