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The legendary father's Day is about to run.

these days, the most widely spread is such a paragraph: last night dinner.

girl: I told Mr. Ou today that you ran 312 in the Lanzhou marathon. She said you were too big!

Daddy: who says 312? I ran 337!

girl, you run faster next time, don't push me to boast!

Gee, in the view of the competition of family background of the times, not to the point of skills, it's difficult to blow these 00 even after 10. The affection of the boat turned over and said.

do you have a choice on father's day, along with the pace of the legend club, came to Orson on the runway, with children a fun run about. You can not only feel the joy of running, maybe one day, you will become a child running performance to show off the capital.

gossip. In June 19th, the legend club N second run about in the South started olson. The activities are divided into 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers and unlimited groups. What unexpected surprises are there in the past?

1, high color coach team

says running can make people feel young, with their hands and feet in favor. I would say the legend club coach, all stunt circle daniel.

says serious people are the loveliest. They are the most serious goddess of God and the gift of God. I don't believe you see
one by one.
Wang Liping Wang, really wise and beautiful goddess

, the goddess of the

, almost dominates all women's competitions in the country,

Zou Menghui, the landlord's help sir, is the national championship race, running circles Panda

Xi Hongbo, the couple have Eighteen Stages to Subdue a Dragon feeling

Abu, mixed blood

two, shape the shape of the heart

this day is the father's day, everyone proposed: we set out the shape of the heart, giving gifts to the father's day.

three, on the runway on this day of her child on the runway, we saw a lot of father with children figure. Full screen paternal love! It's sweet to lick the screen.

the legend club is sponsored by Olympic champion Wang Liping, with professional sports teaching as the core module, rely on Beijing Sport University and many professional colleges of physical training, running technology, nutritional rehabilitation and sports medicine monitoring based training system, research system and cooperative operation system of scientific research support aggregate many professional platform. The goal of the king's legend is to guide a healthy, scientific and professional running concept.

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