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When freshmen enter the school to measure their physique, the school requires the signing of the "exemption clause of accidental death".

[fear of "sudden running death"? The school needs to sign a "accidental death exemption clause"

colleges and universities have started school for almost a month. Unlike high schools, students in different universities have more time to exercise than study. But recently, Medical University Of Tianjin has asked students to sign a "responsibility book for college students' physical fitness test", causing students' dissatisfaction. The fourth provision of the liability document provides that if a student causes disability or personal loss or death due to a test, the student and his family shall give up the right to investigate the organizers for compensation. "Is it not to sign the exemption clause of the accidental death school?" Students at the Medical University Of Tianjin believe that.

freshman is asked to sign the "responsibility" to give up chasing the responsibility

Liu Yuyang (a pseudonym) is a freshman in Medical University Of Tianjin freshmen. In September 18th, the teacher issued a responsibility document for college students' physical health test, and asked the whole class to write his student number and name on the responsibility book and sign it. There are four contents, the responsibility on the provisions of article fourth: "I and my people, legal succession agents, personal representative or relatives of the waiver of rights I test organizers during the test or cause loss caused by disability, or death compensation." And at the end of the letter of responsibility, I wrote, "I have carefully read and fully understood the above contents, and affirmed all of the above contents, and assumed corresponding legal responsibilities. I signed this duty letter purely voluntarily".
saw the book, Liu Yuyang and some of his classmates thought the rule was really unreasonable. "If I am in the test in what accident, why should I give up for the test organizer right? The school is actually allowing us to sign the exemption clause of the accidental death school and give up its right. " Liu Yuyang said. In the view of the students, the school is anxious to be "Disclaimer", and some are "irresponsible".
But Liu Yuyang
, and several of the letters of responsibility for students or slight criticism in the responsibility of the book signed, "the teacher said not to sign the letters of responsibility cannot be measured, but also the whole grade is signed, we seem to say Big deal. Can only pray silently in the body do not appear in any accident." Liu Yuyang's classmate told the reporter.

lawyer: the school has no right to ask students to "Disclaimer"

, according to Liu Yuyang, has signed the book of responsibility for all the freshmen of the Medical University Of Tianjin. So, if the accident occurred in the measurement of students during the school really can take the responsibility of "exemption"?

water lawyer Wang Ronggui said, "although I wrote letters of responsibility in all of the above content is confirmed and corresponding legal liability", but the responsibility of fourth, does not have any legal effect.


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