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Female runners have been killed and lead to recommend to the parties attention indignation over a network

recently, the murder of 3 female runners in 9 days in the United States has attracted wide attention. In social media, netizens have published opinions on these tragedies, have expressed outrage, but also man-made female runners weapon.
The content of
is mainly focused on several aspects, one is to choose a safer time and place to run. Some people say, "do not run in the forest or in the wild for the sake of satisfaction, because there are no people around it; running in public is safer." But some of the female runners who had been attacked on this point said, "unfortunately, there is no real place to be safe at all. I had been abducted by a man in a public occasion in broad daylight. " Others worry, "what is really terrible is that all those things happen in the daytime. It's a separate running time that people tend to think of safe and less cautious. "

on the other hand, it was suggested that female runners run with weapons. "The safest way is to carry a knife that is easy to use and can't hurt yourself." I often put a bottle opener in the bra. " "Self defense teaches how to use portable pens, which is a super practical way." Others simply suggest running a gun: "all women should consider the use of weapons. It might be the best idea to take a gun. " But some people think it's not safe to take a gun to the street. "Is the gun not heavy?" Can't rub up the body? I was clumsy and scared. " In contrast, it seems a good idea to take a dog with a dog.

also has to share your running routes and plans in social media. "It's important to let more people know where you are and what you are doing." But others say they want to keep a little private space: "let so many people know that it feels like being watched."

and more women express their indignation.

someone said, "running is my self healing, my personal time. I hate that feeling of worry. But these news and comments are valuable. We need to pay attention to security first. "

also sturdily said, "I'm a female athlete. I run. I'm crazy. Wearing a sportswear can help me achieve my goal. I run as hard as I can. I'm a runner. I won't be stopped by anything. '

also expressed sadness and fear: "I can't help thinking of these things when I run or ride a bike. That's terrible. It's too sad. I pray for these families. I'm worried about myself, too. "

(Sina running moonlight)
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