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A love letter written by a woman runner to a perfect running shoe

no matter what age people have their own fond of the shoes: 60s, 70s "army warrior shoes run", 80s, white tennis shoes since 90s, all kinds of brand sports shoes. Do you remember that sneakers that you loved most? Recently, 1 female runners have written 1 love letters to her perfect running shoes.

the lady named Jeanne · Prevost, is a white-collar workers, but also for runners. In childhood, she lived on the island of Dominica, where life was very simple. "All sports shoes are called tennis shoes or 'tenny-shooz'. This means that whether you walk, run, play tennis, play basketball, or engage in other activities, it's just the "tenny-shooz".
, the idea of wearing a running shoe correctly was completely unfamiliar to her. Until she was 20, she finished first 10K, and she decided to throw away more than 2 years of 'tenny-shooz' and buy a real pair of running shoes.
was on a business trip to Boston, Jeanne went to 1 stores. The salesperson saw her running posture on the treadmill. She said she had the problem of pronation, and she bought 1 pairs of Brooks running shoes.

, however, 4 months after wearing these shoes, Jeanne had a problem with his hip pain. After taking X light and examining her leg, the doctor said, "there is no structural damage, but you need to do some exercise."
thinks the running shoes she bought are completely wrong. Her normal gait is interpreted as a super spin. Recalling the painful experiences of these months, Jeanne was on fire! After that, she went to 1 Arthur's franchised stores.

"although I had bought one or two neon socks and tight running pants here, I bought my Arthur first times' real '. It's too worth it! "

's shop assistant, who looked at her running position, correctly judged her leg to be a normal spin and suggested that she buy the best - selling Arthur Gel-Nimbus 12.

in the following days, Jeanne's hip pain disappeared. 5 years passed, 3 marathons, 6 half horses and countless training, and she was accompanied by the running shoes.
's half horse in Kingston, Jeanne is ready to replace the current pair of running shoes. And she wants to borrow a song from RUN DMC, the famous American black rap band, to express the love of the current pair of shoes:

"we are a team, I and my Gel-Nimbus;

we run together and run together forever;

even in bad weather, we won't be crazy;

Oh, my Gel-Nimbus... "

finally, Jeanne asked, "you are again."

"I, I, I took it, I surrender..." Man in spite of the hot pavement, panting limp to the ground, repeatedly lamented! In August 5th, a drug man desperate to escape, and Changde Linli County Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police carried out a 4 km marathon, was eventually captured.

at noon on the 12, Linli County Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade police security checks on an Fu Zhen a hotel, a drug suspect to bugger after bolted Duolu in an attempt to escape. Captain Dai Tao looked at, immediately followed by the chase, culminating in a lane 4 km away in captured the suspect, the pursuit marathon ended with the suspect for mercy.

after the examination, the drug addicts surnamed Lu, aged 24, Linli County town people, grew fond of martial arts and sport, who won the race ten sports champion Changde City Games, due to trouble after being sentenced. In May this year, it was 10 days in administrative detention for drug abuse, and was ordered to detoxification in the community for 3 years. This person did not think of repentance and took many drugs in the near future. On the same day, Lu was afraid to run away after 2 years of drug abuse in a hotel. Lu thinks he has taken the long distance race champion, "certainly can throw off the police", does not want to encounter the police Dai Tao that is the long distance race champion.

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